Soft Skills

Project Management

Course Content

The following modules will be covered:

  • Defining a project:

          - Explore the types of people involved and their roles.

          - Learn the phases of a project (life-cycle) and what is required for each.

  • Developing the Plan:

          - Learn how to complete a Charter; set up Issues Lists, a Lesson-learnt List, how to assemble a team.

          - Developing, managing Milestones and Deliverables.

          - Developing Work Breakdown Structures

  • Overall Change Control:

          - Managing changes that occur during the project process.

  • Project Scope Management:

          - Discover how to set an appropriate target

          - Learn how to recognise the different types of customers and to define their needs

  • Managing the Team:

          - Learn the skills required to manage project teams

          - Know how to work as a Team Member

  • Applying the Project Planning Tools: 

          - Using templates and other various planning tools

          - Using PERT and probability calculations

  • Cost Management:

          - Learn how to estimate costs and create a spending estimate

          - Develop a project budget

  • Managing Risk

          - Identifying and Managing problems, constraints and risks that may occur and prevent them from occurring.

          - Planning for Contigencies

  • Tracking the Project

          - Monitoring the progress; identifying risks that were not anticipated

  • Closing Out the Project

          - Evaluating customer satisfaction and assembling the Close-out report.

Who will benefit

Anyone involved in Project Managment and involved in teams where decisions need to be actioned.


3 Days


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