Communication Skills: Verbal and Non-verbal



Course Content

Delegates will acquire the skills to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Communication Process
  • Apply the power of First Impressions
  • Know the signals that lie behind Body Language
  • Know how to project a Professional Image through the use of Dress
  • Using Vocal Quality to get others to take notice of you
  • Develop the awareness of how Positive Rapport attracts others to oneself by means of:

       - Sensory Modalities

       - Eye – entry Cues

       - Mirroring, Leading and Pacing

       - Using Territorial Zones effectively

       - Managing Seating Positions effectively

       - Understand the power of the Handshake

  • Using the skills of Listening to get others to buy-in Understand why Effective Communication works

Who will benefit

Any person who deals with people in all areas of life, those wanting to be taken more seriously on a daily basis. Ideal for Sales people, managers, shy and reserved individuals, those wishing to make a personal statement, etc.


1 Days